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    Rural-urban continuum code, 2013(0)
    Urban influence code, 2013(1)
    Rural-urban continuum code, 2003(2)
    Urban influence code, 2003(3)
    Metro, 2013(4)
    Nonmetro, 2013(5)
    Micropolitan, 2013(6)
    County typology economic types, 2015 edition(7)
    Farming-dependent counties, 2015 edition(8)
    Manufacturing-dependent counties, 2015 edition(9)
    Mining-dependent counties, 2015 edition(10)
    Federal/State government-dependent counties, 2015 edition(11)
    Recreation counties, 2015 edition(12)
    Low education counties, 2015 edition(13)
    Low employment counties, 2015 edition(14)
    Population loss counties, 2015 edition(15)
    Retirement destination counties, 2015 edition(16)
    Persistent poverty counties, 2015 edition(17)
    Persistent child poverty counties, 2015 edition(18)
    High poverty counties, 2015-19(19)
    High natural amenities(20)
    Creative class, 2000(21)
    Change in the value of onshore natural gas production, 2000-11(22)
    Change in the value of onshore oil production, 2000-11(23)
    Change in the value of onshore oil and natural gas production, 2000-11(24)
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